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Larissa Emerald Author

Vampire Duet

Vampire Duet

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Forever at Dawn: Book One of the Blood Keepers Eternal Shadows Duet

In a world where time is both a gift and a curse, vampire leader Connor Langley embarks on a perilous journey to secure the lifeblood of his race - cobine. The portal of eternity transports him to the vibrant year of 1876 California, where gold is found in unexpected places. Enter Stephanie Davenport, a captivating school teacher in pursuit of her inheritance. As the enchanting connection between them deepens, Connor faces the ultimate dilemma: can he forsake his duty to his kind for a love that spans centuries? Forever at Dawn is a spellbinding tale of passion, sacrifice, and the timeless power of love.

Forever at Midnight: Book Two of the Blood Keepers Eternal Shadows Duet

In the sequel to Forever at Dawn, the saga continues with a new vampire protagonist, Dane Wheatherby. Tasked with a mission to Victorian times, Dane seeks a hidden source of cobine hinted at in ancient tombs. Little does he know, he will be thrust into a world of intrigue and danger, colliding with the tenacious Victoria Clements. As Dane navigates through the complexities of a heist and a political conspiracy, he discovers that Tori is more than a mere complication—she is the love of his undead life. Can Dane unravel the mysteries of the past, save Tori's father, and secure the future of his vampire race, all while protecting the heart he never knew he had? Forever at Midnight is a riveting blend of historical romance, supernatural intrigue, and the eternal struggle between duty and desire.

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