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Larissa Emerald Author

Magical Midlife Vintage Blend: Book 3

Magical Midlife Vintage Blend: Book 3

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Lainie keeps telling herself she must nourish to flourish as she fights the inner dinosaur of aging. Then while celebrating with her bougie bitches, she decides she doesn’t give a sip.


Embark on a captivating journey with Lainie, where the battles against aging take a back seat to the spellbinding chaos that unfolds. In “Magical Midlife Vintage Blend,” the third installment of The Wine, Chocolate & Paranormal Shenanigans Series, Lainie’s Christmas celebration takes an unexpected turn as she embraces the magic with and says cheers to the unpredictable.


As Lainie opens up to her parents about the enchanted timepiece, she unveils a world of mystical peril that shadows its power. The stakes soar when her daughter falls prey to a sinister plot, kidnapped for the coveted talisman. Faced with the heart-wrenching distance growing between her and her children, Lainie trusts her instincts, diving headfirst into a whirlwind of mystical forces with Kalen at her side.


In Magical Midlife Vintage Blend, Lainie’s journey is a testament to the strength found in vulnerability, the resilience discovered through adversity, and the unwavering power of a mother’s love. Will her magical odyssey be enough to reunite her fractured family, or will the shadow of the paranormal world cast a permanent divide? Brace yourself for a riveting blend of enchantment, emotion, and the irresistible allure of the supernatural.

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