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Larissa Emerald Author

Magical Midlife Uncorked: Book 2

Magical Midlife Uncorked: Book 2

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Lainie Cassidy embarks on a journey of newfound courage in a world filled with enchantment and unexpected surprises.

For seventeen long years, Lainie has kept her life hidden away, but now she’s ready to break free and embrace the extraordinary. With her trusty timepiece in hand, she confides in her dearest friends about the incredible magic it possesses. At first, they’re in disbelief, but they encourage her to explore the untapped potential of this extraordinary power.

Lainie’s intuition leads her to purchase a charming house and vineyard in the serene countryside, where she plans to create a magical wedding venue. But while she helps couples say “I do” she unwittingly attracts the attention of paranormal creatures, setting off a chain of events that put her life in grave danger.

In a twist of fate, a dashing hero is conjured out of a romance novel, and he’s determined to win Lainie’s love and trust.
However, his attempts to do so create a scene that’s nearly impossible to explain to the authorities. He might be a fish out of water when introduced to her family at Thanksgiving, but he’s caring, thoughtful, undeniably attractive, and most importantly, he’s intimately familiar with the magical and supernatural world.

Book two in the “The Wine, Chocolate & Paranormal Shenanigans Series” will have you wishing for your own magical timepiece. Click “Buy Now” and get your copy today!
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