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Larissa Emerald Author

Magical Midlife Blush: Book 4

Magical Midlife Blush: Book 4

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Dive into the world where love transcends time and reality in Magical Midlife Blush, a spellbinding tale of passion, magic, and the boundless power of the heart.

Lainie never expected her wildest fantasy to come to life, but when Kalen, a captivating dragon shifter, steps out of the pages of a romance novel to become her protector, her world is changed forever. Their connection is undeniable, a chemistry that defies the boundaries of fiction and reality. But there’s a painful truth she can’t escape—Kalen is only here temporarily, a character destined to return to the pages of his book.

As Lainie grapples with the yearning in her heart, an unforeseen twist propels her into a breathtaking yet perilous journey, the very same timepiece that once belonged to her grandmother, a magical talisman with the power to conjure Kalen, is stolen from her grasp. Now, trapped within the enchanting world of the book, Lainie faces a race against time to recover the timepiece and find her way back to her children.

With Kalen by her side, the pair embark on an extraordinary adventure, where every chapter could be their last. Will they manage to recover the talisman and return to Lainie’s reality? Can she rewrite their love story, taking Kalen back with her to her own time? Or will she be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice, leaving the dragon shifter behind in the pages from whence he came?

Magical Midlife Blush is a heart-pounding blend of adventure fantasy, romance, and adventure that will leave you breathless. Will love conquer all, or will the boundaries between worlds prove insurmountable? Find out in this tale of love and destiny, where the pages of a book hold the key to a love story.

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