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Larissa Emerald Author

Forever Found: Terror, MN

Forever Found: Terror, MN

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Terror, MN Series—A town where paranormal creatures walk on the wild side.

In the world of supernaturall beings, few things are ever final.

Lyndsey Goeig has a psychic connection with her camera. The pictures she takes reveal the truth, and more than the human eye can see. When she's drawn to Terror, MN, to visit her cousin, she finds more than a simple get-away...she encounters the man who rescued her from death when she was a child. Only now he's an angel charged with protecting Terror from outsiders and demons.

Humans have a way of disturbing the balance in the secretive and secluded paranormal town of Terror. Angel David has enough problems keeping the balance among the supernatural residents. To his mind, humans should visit someplace else, including the all-grown-up, intriguing female from his past. He isn't happy when a beautiful Lyndsey snaps pictures, capturing him battling a demon. His concerns escalate when he discovers Lyndsey is part of the reason he died. Plus, the beast that tried to kill her before is determined to succeed this time.

Will David rescue her again and find the love between them that is meant to be? Fate may have brought them together, but if they want a chance at a future, they're going to have to fight for it.

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