Collection: Guardians

"Can I say HOT, because this book was definitely on fire. I loved the uniqueness of this story it was different than any paranormal mystery/romance book I have read before. The story was wonderfully written and beautiful. I was brought to tears a time or two." Review

The Divine Guardian’s soulmate returns reincarnated in another woman. But can he prevent her death this time?

At the request of her beloved grandmother, sculptor Emma Grant returns to her Georgia birthplace to dedicate a commissioned statue for the town. But as soon as her feet hit the ground, a reoccurrence of the visions she’s tried to deny, intensify and haunt her. Worse, the apparitions imply a mysterious connection to a heart-melting shape-shifter.

Divine Tree Guardian Venn Hearst is given a second chance with his mate. At the same time, his demon nemesis swears she will die again. But the fight against evil has never been so difficult, as he’s forced to choose between duty and love.

Awakening Fire is the first book in The Divine Tree Guardians paranormal romance series that features sexy shifters battling dark supernatural forces.

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The Guardians Series is a continuing saga. Each book can be read alone but they are best if read in order.